Heated Knee Massager - Cordless Vibrating Knee Pad Wrap (1 Pair)
Heated Knee Massager - Cordless Vibrating Knee Pad Wrap (1 Pair)
Heated Knee Massager - Cordless Vibrating Knee Pad Wrap (1 Pair)
Heated Knee Massager - Cordless Vibrating Knee Pad Wrap (1 Pair)
Heated Knee Massager - Cordless Vibrating Knee Pad Wrap (1 Pair)
Heated Knee Massager - Cordless Vibrating Knee Pad Wrap (1 Pair)
Heated Knee Massager - Cordless Vibrating Knee Pad Wrap (1 Pair)

Heated Knee Massager - Cordless Vibrating Knee Pad Wrap (1 Pair)

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  • PERFECT COMBINATION OF HEATING & MASSAGE - Hot compress and Vibration massage are game killers for arthritis and swelling. Whether you suffer from chronic diseases or occasionally feel knee soreness or discomfort, this knee wrap can provide you with powerful massage and comfort heating. Three-level heat and three-level massage intensity can be adjusted to meet your various needs.
  • THERMAL PROTECTION DESIGN - This electric knee brace has a built-in thermal protection module to ensure that the temperature is always within the set range. Once it is overheated, it will automatically stop until temperature restore to normal, never worry about overheating injuries
  • EQUIPPED WITH TWO POWER BANKS - Can last 3-5 hours, without restricting your freedom. You can walk around while enjoying knee massaging and heating to relieve soreness. the temperature rises quickly within 5 seconds, the temperature is soothing, and it will not burn your skin like traditional heating knee pads.
  • EASY TO OPERATE - Three-level heat and massage modes setting for your selection and these two functions are separately controlled by 2 buttons, which can be used together or separately. Dual adjustable Velcro design keeps knee wrap in place and won't move
  • WONDERFUL GIFT FOR ELDERS - Comfortable knee massager with heat and compression, ideal gift for mom, dad, grandfather, or grandmother.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Excellent Knee Massager

This is a great knee massager.
Ok, get over the bulky nature of this device.
It works !!!!
It delivers heat with a sensitive massage.
It helps me enormously.
Tried and tested.

Excellent product!

?This is a really high-quality rechargeable massager which has both the heating and massage option.
For the fitting, it is universal and will fit all. It has a pocket on the outside for safe storage of the battery pack. The quality of the material feels and looks premium and is comfortable.

I have used heated pads before, however, the massage option is really the game changer and really impressive. It can be applied either directly on the skin or can be placed on top of the cloth and the massage is really strong. It comes with its own power bank which can last you a good 1 hour although it depends on the heating and massage levels.

The only drawback is Im really fussy is that the impact of the massage is so strong that it is also felt by anyone else sitting on the same sofa or bed.

Overall this is an excellent product which comes with its own power back and does wonder.

The OP
Comforting Heat and relaxing massage

For a few knee issue following surgery i wanted something to relax with which meant i needed heat and some kind of massage, luckily this does both.

It comes with 2 knee straps, one for each knee obviously as well as 2 battery packs which slip into a pocket in each strap, these last for ages.. long enough that i don't want it running any more (about 2hrs).

It straps around the knee with a sort of knee pad that sit comfortably over the knee cap, then a vibration can be started through a button on the support itself. as well as a button to turn on the heat so you don't have to have them on a the same time.

It does help to relax me, the heat is nice and gentle but soothing and the vibrations help and give me a bit of relief for a couple of days.


These are amazing - particularly the heat function. I have problems with my right knee which required keyhole surgery a few years ago. Although it was a huge improvement and allowed me to move more freely, I do still get some pain in my knee after long walks. Putting these on (well, the right one anyway - I don't need the left one just yet) makes a huge difference, especially the heat. The vibration is good but I could live without it. Both heat and vibration are variable.

The braces can be worn over trousers but once they're on, it's pretty much impossible to walk around - these are not for helping with movement.

For the price of ?69.90 you get a pair of braces, one for each knee, marked left and right - they're not interchangeable (well, I suppose they are, but it's not very comfortable). For those like me who only have one bad knee, it would be nice if it was possible to buy just one brace.

Overall, though, I love these - but they probably won't work for everyone.

Very futuristic looking knee massager

?Got these for my husband who suffers from knee problems.
They look and feel very 'bionic' but are surprisingly simple to put on with the velcro straps and works by pressing the heat or vibrate buttons High/Medium/Low in whatever combination you prefer. They do not glow BTW.
There's a rechargeable powerbank in each knee brace that is also removable to recharge.
The listing says you can walk about but I wouldn't say that would possible.
My husband said these do help with his knee pain.